J.R. Schulte

JR Shulte
JR Shulte
Co-owner / Sales & Marketing

Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping is proud to introduce founder and co-owner; J.R. Schulte. He started Woodfellas in 2015 with a clear vision and relentless pursuit of setting Woodfellas apart from local competitors. J.R. has 12 years of lawn and landscaping experience, along with education in the arts. Artistic passion and a unique approach to his subjects is an extraordinary process.

J.R. Schulte has resided in Mankato for the past 30 years, and community and culture is on his agenda for Greater Mankato. By transforming residential and commercial properties into beautiful landscapes, he hopes everyone can feel proud and a sense of peace in our crazy world.

Thinking outside the box and always pushing boundaries is second nature to our fearless leader. Imagination is key to any business endeavor, and J.R. thrives in creative thinking. Bringing smiles to kids and adults is the ultimate reward to J.R. The best way to obtain this is through the compelling passion deep in our leader’s heart that comes out in his works of art for our citizens and business owners.

J.R. also heads Woodfellas sales and marketing division. He has been responsible for Woodfellas logo designs, brand image, and marketing/sales campaigns. He will always greet you with a warm smile and honest and trustworthy demeanor. Creating what Woodfellas stands for and offers is an easy task. Creating beautiful, functional landscapes is what Woodfellas does. J.R. will make sure of this!

J.R. Schulte has 3 children and wife that keeps him busy. In his spare time, he enjoys family time, tough mudder events, camping and fishing. Feel free to reach out and get to know Woodfellas owner better! He is friendly and approachable. One of those people that will always give you the shirt off his back. Genuine people are hard to come by these days, and Woodfellas is proud to have J.R. Schulte on our side.