Tyler Baka

Co-owner / Accounting & Bookkeeper

Tyler Baka is co-owner of Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping, since the beginning of its foundation. He compliments Business partner, J.R. Schulte, PERFECTLY. Tyler has 15+ years of experience in landscaping, construction and maintenance. He is the modern-day MacGyver. His ability to find a solution to a problem is second to none. Tyler has the ability to operate any piece of equipment and build anything your heart desires! What a dynamic duo Woodfellas is pleased to have. Tyler basically brings J.R.’s visions to life. Tyler will make your dream landscape come true. On the other hand, fix any issues your property may be having. Can we say jack of all trades?

Tyler also heads Woodfellas accounting and bookkeeping division. Tyler has been meeting with the Small Business Development center and reading educational books to further his knowledge of this daunting task. Let’s just say he is a quick learner! Being financially smart and reinvesting Woodfellas revenue is just another hat to add to his rack.

Tyler has 3 children and a wife that keeps him busy. In his spare time, he is quite the outdoorsman. Everything from hunting, fishing, and camping just to name a few. He also competes in tough mudder events and very active in the gym. His perseverance and never quit attitude will bring our organization to the top of the industry.

Tyler has quite the array of handyman talents. Woodworking, fabrication, mechanical, hardscapes, tree work, and construction just to name a few. Woodfellas is pleased to have an owner that takes common sense and working with your hands, to a whole new level. These traits are hard to come by these days. Woodfellas is securing its future with a great leader and knowledgeable tradesman.

If you want first hand quality craftsmanship, Woodfellas hidden gem happens to be our co-owner!