Experience effortless property maintenance with Woodfellas, where our expert team ensures a flourishing, functional landscape. Enjoy increased property value and peace of mind with our comprehensive lawn and garden care services.


Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping provides full-service design and installation for all types of outdoor spaces, expertly crafting everything from hardscapes to pergolas to suit your unique needs.


Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping distinguishes itself with creative, custom-designed landscapes that blend artistry and craftsmanship, revolutionizing outdoor living with their innovative and boundary-pushing approach.


Woodfellas provides efficient and affordable snow removal for all areas, including sidewalks and parking lots, and offers unique winter services like holiday lighting.

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Mankato Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Experience Woodfellas: Mastering Mankato’s Comprehensive Lawn & Landscaping Services

When Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping sprouted in 2015, it was more than just a business; it became an integral part of the Greater Mankato community. Our growth has been nurtured not just by our profound knowledge of the region but also by our expansive suite of services that cater to every facet of lawn and landscaping care.

As your local experts, we understand that every lawn has its unique voice and needs. Our services aren’t merely about mowing & trimming; they’re a symphony of tailored solutions. Does your yard crave the meticulous attention of shrub trimming or the rejuvenating touch of our spring clean-up? We’ve got you covered. Our fully licensed technicians specialize in identifying the distinct demands of Minnesota lawns. They expertly determine whether your greens need overseeding, fertilization, or even aeration and dethatching.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. Our team is adept at tree service, ensuring that every towering sentinel in your garden stands healthy and proud. The intricate art of hard surface edging and the careful application of mulch are also part of our vast repertoire, ensuring every inch of your outdoor space gleams with perfection.

With Woodfellas, every service is an ode to precision, from the grassroots to the treetops. We don’t just care for lawns; we elevate them. By intertwining our services with the community’s heartbeats, we ensure that while individual gardens flourish, so does the collective spirit of Mankato.

Embrace a brand that embodies expertise, community spirit, and an array of services, all delivered at genuine hometown prices. Dive into the Woodfellas experience, where every blade of grass and every tree branch echoes Mankato’s shared values.

Choose Woodfellas — The pinnacle of Mankato’s lawn and landscaping mastery.

Mankato Lawn Care

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Woodfellas stands at the forefront of delivering unparalleled lawn mowing services to esteemed commercial establishments sprawled across Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, MN, and its neighboring regions. We understand the importance of a pristine lawn, and thus from the blossoming month of April right up to the colorful month of October, our dedicated team works relentlessly to ensure that your lawn doesn’t just look good, but flourishes with health.

Our commitment isn’t just limited to regular mowing. Every single week, with meticulous care, we abide by the pinnacle of mowing standards, always putting the health, growth, and vitality of your grass above all. Our expertise extends beyond the basics; we possess the skill set to string-trim those hard-to-navigate areas, ensuring no corner of your property feels neglected. Once our job nears its completion, we make sure to clear away any unsightly debris from your hard surfaces. And a bonus that many of our clients appreciate? We conscientiously leave the grass clippings behind. Why, you ask? Because these clippings double as a superb natural fertilizer, returning crucial nutrients to the soil and enriching your lawn in the process.

If you’re a commercial property owner in any of the aforementioned Minnesota locales, and you value the aesthetics and health of your outdoor spaces, Woodfellas is here for you. To book a session with our distinguished lawn mowing team or to discuss any specific requirements, please dial (507) 382-3748 today.

At Woodfellas, our core mission revolves around helping you maintain the pristine and impeccable appearance of your bushes and shrubs. We pride ourselves on our adept team, expertly trained in the craft of bush and shrub trimming, and we pair this expertise with nothing short of the best equipment. Specifically, we utilize Stihl gas-powered trimmers, the gold standard in the industry, to bestow your greenery with a crisp, refreshed, and polished aura.

But our prowess isn’t limited just to bushes and shrubs. For more extensive undertakings, such as trimming expansive trees or removing smaller trees, we deploy Stihl gas-powered chainsaws. The inclusion of these high-caliber tools isn’t just for show; it guarantees that every task we undertake is executed with both efficiency and paramount safety in mind.

Completion of the task doesn’t mark the end of our commitment. Post the trimming and shaping of your green sanctuary, our team employs Stihl gas-powered backpack blowers. These powerful devices ensure that every stray leaf, twig, or debris is whisked away, preserving the immaculate appeal of your property.

One might ponder the fate of this collected green waste. At Woodfellas, we go the extra mile to ensure environmental sustainability. Every piece of debris we collect is meticulously hauled to our local composting sanctuary. This approach not only echoes our commitment to the environment but also ensures that your property remains an epitome of cleanliness post our visit.

Seeking that magazine-cover perfection for your bushes and shrubs? Trust in the unrivaled professional finesse of Woodfellas. For queries, appointments, or a casual chat about your green needs, ring us at (507) 382-3748.

Spring Clean-Ups and Dethatching Services in Mankato, MN

At Woodfellas, we understand the transformative power of a well-tended lawn, especially as the seasons transition. Our renowned Spring and Fall Clean-Up services cater to the discerning residents of Mankato, MN, ensuring their landscapes mirror the fresh rebirth of spring or the cozy embrace of fall.

Beginning on April 15th – or as soon as your lawn declares its readiness – we roll out our comprehensive Spring Clean-Up package. But what does this entail?

  1. Raking and Dethatching: Every inch of your lawn receives our attention. Dethatching, or power raking as some may call it, is pivotal in promoting a healthier lawn. By removing the thatch layer, we ensure water, nutrients, and air access the soil more efficiently.
  2. Leaf Management: Spring often leaves behind remnants of the past season. Our team diligently blows and rakes out leaves from flower beds, gardens, and shrubs, preventing mold growth and ensuring your plants have room to breathe.
  3. Debris Bagging: Whether it’s grass clippings, fallen leaves, stray sticks, or any other yard material, we bag them all. Our aim? To leave your lawn looking pristine, unhindered by the clutter.
  4. Eco-friendly Disposal: At Woodfellas, we’re not just lawn experts; we’re environmentally conscious too. All yard materials are responsibly disposed of, aligning with our commitment to a greener planet.
  5. Final Touches: A task isn’t complete without the finishing touches. Once everything’s in order, we blow off sidewalks and driveways, ensuring they match the immaculateness of your freshly cleaned lawn.

In Mankato, MN, when it’s about giving your yard a fresh start, there’s only one name that stands out – Woodfellas. Eager to see your lawn transformed? Dial (507) 382-3748 to schedule a Spring Clean-Up session today.

Professional Tree Care and Tree Removal Services

Envision a vibrant, lush green space right outside your home or business premises. With Woodfellas, this vision seamlessly translates into reality. Serving the heart of Mankato, MN, we stand as the beacon of top-tier tree care and maintenance services.

Each tree, with its unique branches and leaves, tells a story. Our team, featuring ISA Certified Arborists, harnesses their expertise to provide homeowners and commercial property owners in Mankato unparalleled tree care services. But what does our umbrella of services encompass?

  1. Tree Removal: Trees, though a magnificent spectacle, sometimes need to be removed for safety or aesthetic reasons. We ensure this process is smooth, safe, and efficient.
  2. Tree Pruning and Trimming: Regular pruning and trimming not only elevate the visual appeal of your trees but also enhance their health, ensuring they grow stronger and live longer.
  3. Tree Fertilization: Just like us, trees require nutrients to thrive. Our tree fertilization services guarantee your trees receive the nourishment they crave, promoting vibrant foliage and robust growth.
  4. Plant Health Care: Our commitment doesn’t end at trees. We’re equipped to foster the holistic health of your entire landscape, ensuring every plant, shrub, or flower is in its prime.

Every inch of green on your property is a testament to your investment, both in time and resources. At Woodfellas, we resonate with this sentiment. We’re not just offering services; we’re partnering with you in your journey towards a greener, more vibrant property.

Residents of Mankato, MN, when it comes to professional tree care, think Woodfellas. Let’s embark on this green journey together! For consultations or to book our services, ring (507) 382-3748 today.

Superior Mulch for a Resplendent Mankato Garden: Woodfellas Mulch Installation Service

Imagine a landscape where the mulch not only accentuates the beauty of your garden but also actively works to protect and nourish it. At Woodfellas, we believe that every garden in Mankato, MN, deserves nothing but the best. And top-quality mulch stands as a testimony to this commitment.

Why is our mulch deemed superior?

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Our mulch promises consistency in color and texture, ensuring your garden remains visually appealing throughout the season.
  2. Protection for Flora: The right mulch shields your plants, trees, and shrubs from extreme temperatures, retaining moisture during dry spells and providing an insulation layer in colder months.
  3. Weed Deterrence: A properly laid mulch can significantly reduce weed growth, saving you both time and effort in maintenance.

But the quality of mulch is only half the equation. The installation process carries equal weight. With Woodfellas, you receive:

  • Appropriate Materials: We select mulch materials that are best suited to the specific needs of your garden.
  • Optimal Underlayment: The underlayer plays a crucial role in weed prevention and moisture retention. We ensure it’s done right.
  • Professional Installation: Our team lays the mulch uniformly, ensuring effective coverage and maximum benefit.

Proudly serving the residents of Mankato, MN, Woodfellas stands as a symbol of trust, quality, and expertise in mulch installation. Whether you’re revamping an old garden or laying the foundation for a new one, we’re here to assist.

Don’t let your garden settle for anything less than perfection. For a greener, healthier, and more beautiful outdoor space, trust Woodfellas. Curious about how we can transform your landscape? Contact us for a Free Estimate! Reach out at (507) 382-3748 today.

Why Choose Woodfellas Stamped Concrete Edging in Mankato, MN?

Elevate the grandeur of your outdoor space with stamped concrete edging. At Woodfellas, situated in the heart of Mankato, MN, we champion this transformative landscaping solution. Why, you ask? Let’s dive into the manifold benefits:

  1. Unparalleled Aesthetics: The beauty of stamped concrete edging lies in its ability to seamlessly merge with its surroundings. It’s not just about creating boundaries; it’s about enhancing the natural charm of your existing landscape. The result? A cohesive, flawlessly integrated look that exudes sophistication.
  2. Durability Personified: When you invest in stamped concrete edging from Woodfellas, you’re not just opting for aesthetics; you’re choosing longevity. Our concrete edging resists rust, cracking, and shifting. The enduring nature of this solution means you’re opting for a design that’s both resilient and requires minimal upkeep.
  3. Versatility at Its Best: Stamped concrete edging isn’t confined to a singular purpose. Be it encircling your pool, outlining your driveway, guarding your mailbox, or demarcating your vibrant garden beds – its versatility knows no bounds. No matter the application, the result remains the same: perfection.
  4. Value-Driven Approach: With stamped concrete edging, you’re not just beautifying your space; you’re making a smart financial decision. By elevating the curb appeal of your home, it inherently boosts its market value.
  5. Efficiency Redefined: Time, they say, is of the essence. Our stamped concrete solution is not just permanent; it’s efficient. By ensuring a clear boundary, mowing and weed whipping become effortless tasks. Furthermore, the longevity and durability equate to saved time, effort, and money on continual lawn care.

When you think of landscaping solutions in Mankato, MN, think Woodfellas. Dive into the world of stamped concrete edging and witness your outdoor space undergo a phenomenal transformation. Ready for a revamp? Dial (507) 382-3748 today.

Revitalize Your Mankato Lawn with Woodfellas Over-Seeding Services

In the world of lawn care, over-seeding is more than just spreading new grass seeds. It’s a technique where new grass varieties are introduced to an existing lawn. The contrast to this? Seeding a completely new lawn.

Now, for those in Mankato, MN, wondering if your sparser lawns could benefit from this, the answer is a resounding “yes.” But there’s a caveat. Merely over-seeding won’t suffice. For seeds to flourish, they require adequate seed-to-soil contact, which is achieved through core aeration. At Woodfellas, we advocate double aeration, ensuring we aerate your lawn twice, providing ample opportunities (holes) for new seeds to germinate and thrive.

Why is the choice of grass seed so crucial? Each lawn has unique characteristics. We employ a tailored blend of top-tier grass seeds, guaranteeing your lawn remains verdant, be it under the sun’s full blaze or nestled in shade. Our expertly crafted mix typically includes:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Known for producing the most luxuriant turf.
  • Perennial Ryegrass: Renowned for its swift germination.
  • Fine Fescues: Your go-to choice for shaded areas.

These grasses are categorized as cool season grasses, implying their peak performance occurs during the cooler 60-80-degree range. Their growth trajectory involves seeding during mid-summer, germinating by early fall, and then fortifying themselves to endure the winter chill. That’s why we vouch for fall aeration for the best outcomes. If you’re an enthusiast and can’t wait till fall, don’t worry! We have spring strategies up our sleeves that are equally effective. For a deeper dive into seeding nuances and ideal timings in MN, explore our comprehensive guide on our website.

One critical consideration for spring over-seeding is the application of crabgrass preventer. This can inhibit most seeds from sprouting for nearly 10-12 weeks. Hence, early spring seeding, before the preventer’s application, is essential. Alternatively, our experts might use the special Tupersan product, which curbs crabgrass without stalling cool season seed germination.

Mankato, MN, residents, it’s time to turn your lawn’s narrative around. Call Woodfellas at (507) 382-3748 for an over-seeding transformation!

Woodfellas Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control in Mankato, MN

A flourishing lawn is often the first impression of a home or business in Mankato, MN. For a lawn to radiate health, vigor, and beauty, it needs the right fertilizing and weed control treatment. The effectiveness of these treatments can vary based on factors like grass type, soil quality, and local environmental conditions. This is where expertise becomes crucial.

While many lawn care companies may offer standardized treatments, we at Woodfellas believe that every lawn is unique. Some might benefit from five fertilizer and weed control applications, while others might need fewer, or a different combination altogether. Soil composition and grass variety play significant roles in this, dictating the need for varied application rates and fertilizer combinations.

Given these intricacies, a one-size-fits-all approach can be detrimental to your lawn’s health. That’s why our emphasis is on providing bespoke solutions. By carefully assessing your lawn’s unique traits and requirements, we devise a tailored plan. This ensures that your lawn receives optimal care, resulting in robust health, thick turf, and an enviable appearance.

In Mankato, MN, entrust your lawn to the seasoned expertise of Woodfellas. We’re not just another lawn care company; we are the embodiment of passion and knowledge converging to offer unparalleled service. Let us curate the perfect blend of fertilization and weed control treatments, transforming your lawn into a verdant oasis.

To embark on a journey to a radiant lawn, connect with Woodfellas today at (507) 382-3748.

Dethatching by Woodfellas in Mankato, MN

Dethatching is more than just a lawn care ritual; it’s a rejuvenation process. Imagine a layer of dead and decomposing grass stems, often referred to as “thatch,” that forms a barrier between the vibrant green grass and the nurturing soil beneath. In Mankato, where lawns often become the pride of homes, understanding the role and importance of dethatching can make all the difference.

Thatch consists of organic components such as decaying grass clippings, tangled roots, and other remnants. While a minor amount is natural, the problem arises when this layer becomes excessively thick, particularly in lawns that receive abundant fertilization or watering. Over time, a thick layer of thatch can sabotage your lawn’s health, disrupting the essential flow of water, air, and nutrients to the grassroots. This layer can also inadvertently host pests and diseases.

Given the stakes, how does one combat thatch? Woodfellas, a prominent name in Mankato lawn care, offers various solutions:

  1. Dethatching Rakes or Power Dethatchers: These tools are designed to delicately but effectively rake away the thatch layer.
  2. Mower-mounted Dethatchers: By attaching a dethatcher to a lawnmower, it simultaneously pulls out the thatch and vacuums the debris. This method is both efficient and common.
  3. Rotary-operated Dethatchers: Ideal for those lawns where the thatch build-up has reached alarming levels. These dethatchers are more rigorous, using blades to stir up the thatch before suctioning it away.

Springtime in Mankato, MN, is the prime season for dethatching, prepping the lawn for the year ahead. With sunlight, moisture, and fertilizers needing direct access to the soil, dethatching becomes pivotal, especially if the thatch layer is over half an inch thick.

For a lawn that breathes health and radiates beauty, trust Woodfellas’ expertise in dethatching. An impeccable yard isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about care and timely maintenance. Connect with us at (507) 382-3748 for a lawn transformation journey.

Customer Reviews

Woodfellas Lawn and LandscapeWoodfellas Lawn and Landscape3.7 Based on 20 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onRick BlaceRick Blace ★★★★★ Tyler and his crew did excellent work at a reasonable price with excellent timing. Truly a five star job!Molly StoltzMolly Stoltz ★★★★★ Thanks for taking down a huge tree in our yard!Paul WilkePaul Wilke ★★★★★ We had some dead lawn removed and new sod installed. These guys were great! We were running up against winter and getting this done while our irrigation was still operational. They knocked it out quickly during difficult wet condition. Hard worker! Very personable, and easy to work with. Highly recommend.J StellickJ Stellick ★★★★★ With recent wet snow large tree branches braking one call to them that evening and the next moriong they were cutting, cleaning and hauling it all away. At a reasonable charge. Great work!Erica PlattErica Platt ★★★★★ From the very beginning of the planning process to the beautiful end product and enjoying our amazing new patio, Woodfellas has absolutely exceeded our expectations. We immediately appreciated Tyler's professional, straightforward, sincere, 'No BS' attitude.During the entire construction process Tyler showed incredible respect, taking the time and utmost care to inflict minimal damage to our property. He showed up exactly when he said he would, with a grin, ready to bring our project to life.We will definitely be calling Woodfellas for future projects and are whole-heartedly looking forward to working with them again.Thank you, Woodfellas!Eric EbyEric Eby ★★★★★ Woodfellas just finished our fence install and they did a great job! I called and emailed multiple companies/contractors and Kelli @ Woodfellas was by far the most responsive! Just being responsive on inquiries goes a long way with me! Thank you guys for the fence and install! We will be using Woodfellas again for any future work we need done.GARY DAYGARY DAY ★★★★★ Mallory HowkMallory Howk ★★★★★ Tyler and his team are now our landscaping pros moving forward. They took on multiple projects (fence, and regrading) quickly, and left us with a high quality result we're proud of.Mallory MeyerMallory Meyer ★★★★★ cory tievacory tieva ★★★★★ Philip DPhilip D ★★★★★ Trent PriyblTrent Priybl ★★★★★ js_loader

Landscape Design & Install

Woodfellas: Elevate Your Mankato Property with Exquisite Hardscaping

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. From the gentle curve of a stone path to the warmth of an open fire, hardscaping is the foundation upon which a vibrant landscape thrives. Located in the heart of Mankato, MN, Woodfellas crafts exceptional outdoor spaces that not only amplify beauty but also add immense value to your property. Our hardscape expertise seamlessly combines functionality with design, ensuring every project mirrors the unique personality of the home it surrounds.

Natural Stone: The allure of natural stone is undeniable. With a myriad of options to select from, it serves as an ideal choice for those looking to infuse an authentic touch. Whether you have a specific stone in mind or seek guidance, Woodfellas ensures a flawless integration of natural stone into your garden or lawn.

Pavers Installation: Break free from the mundane with our paver solutions. Swap out your conventional concrete driveway or yard space with intricately arranged pavers. This not only elevates aesthetic appeal but also adds character to your exteriors.

Patio Installation: A patio isn’t just a space; it’s an experience. Patios and walkways, when thoughtfully designed, can transform your backyard into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Woodfellas crafts these elements to resonate with your home’s ambiance, providing countless opportunities for memorable moments.

Retaining Walls: Beyond their functional role of holding soil, retaining walls enhance the visual dynamics of a space. They prevent sinkholes, eliminate unsightly dirt piles, and bring about a structured elegance to your landscape.

Outdoor Fire Pits: Extend the hours you spend outdoors. With our outdoor fire pits, chilly Mankato evenings become a time for gathering, storytelling, and warmth. It’s more than a feature; it’s a year-round outdoor living opportunity.

For a bespoke hardscape experience, entrust your vision to Woodfellas. Dial (507) 382-3748 and let’s shape your outdoor dream together.

Woodfellas Landscape Designing: Bringing Mankato Visions to Life

At Woodfellas, based in the scenic locale of Mankato, MN, we don’t just offer a service; we sculpt dreams. Our journey with you commences the moment you decide to chart a fresh course for your landscape.

When you partner with us, we initiate a meticulous process that captures the essence of your property. Every nook, cranny, and feature is documented through comprehensive measurements and photography, ensuring the uniqueness of your terrain is celebrated in the final design.

The foundation for our landscape plans is rooted in our thorough virtual consultation. Each facet of the design, discussed during this session, is given life by our seasoned designers, converting raw concepts into mesmerizing visual opportunities for your outdoor space.

To ensure a meticulous and accurate representation, our team graces your site post-commitment, securing every necessary detail – from nuanced measurements to vital site information. We also leverage existing property surveys for an in-depth understanding.

Understanding that perfection is iterative, we are always open to revisits and revisions. Additional design sessions are scheduled when required.

Dial (507) 382-3748 and embark on a journey where dreams take root and blossom.

Woodfellas Fencing: Premier Fence Contractor in Mankato, MN

Mankato’s landscapes are diverse and beautiful, deserving of equally stunning and durable fences. Enter Woodfellas, Mankato, MN’s trusted fencing specialist, bringing multiple generations of expertise to every project. As a cornerstone in the fencing industry, our roots run deep, showcasing unmatched expertise in residential and commercial fence solutions.

Whether you’re eyeing a sleek, modern design or a rustic, traditional fence, our spectrum of materials and styles ensures that we can turn any fencing dream into reality. More than just installation, we’re here for you from the get-go, with comprehensive fencing solutions encompassing installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Innovative Solutions for Every Fencing Need Recognizing the plethora of fencing contractors available, what sets Woodfellas apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Operating in a competitive arena, our ethos revolves around being your top choice consistently, irrespective of the season. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction.

Let’s Craft Your Ideal Fence! Every fence has a story, and at Woodfellas, we’re eager to be part of yours. With personalized solutions tailored to Mankato’s unique requirements, we invite you to explore our vast offerings.

Connect with Woodfellas today at (507) 382-3748. Engage in a comprehensive consultation, and benefit from a free, no-obligation quote on any of our versatile fencing services. For fences that resonate with beauty, durability, and top-tier craftsmanship, the choice is clear. Choose Woodfellas, and redefine the boundaries of excellence.

Welcome to Woodfellas Decks & Pergolas in Mankato, MN Your Premier Destination for Custom Deck and Pergola Design.

For more than a decade, Woodfellas Decks & Pergolas has been Mankato’s leading name in crafting exquisite decks and pergolas. Serving the heart of Mankato, we specialize in tailoring outdoor living spaces that define elegance and practicality.

Why a deck or pergola? With Woodfellas, these aren’t just structures; they’re an extension of your home. Be it a custom-designed red cedar deck for intimate gatherings, a sprawling pergola for shade, every creation promises style and functionality. Our designs not only enhance your outdoor ambiance but offer an inviting retreat, making every moment spent outdoors memorable.

No two Woodfellas projects are the same. Each deck and pergola is distinctively crafted, with every quote independently tailored to its unique dimensions and design preferences.

Trust is at the heart of Woodfellas. With full licensing and insurance, our adept craftsmen bring your vision to life on-site, ensuring precision and commitment in every plank and beam.

Weather in Minnesota demands adaptable outdoor solutions. Be it sun-soaked afternoons or unexpected drizzles, Woodfellas Decks & Pergolas ensures you’re covered. Our diverse designs promise adaptability and charm for every outdoor whim.

Elevate your outdoor living. Reach out to Woodfellas Decks & Pergolas at (507) 382-3748 for a personalized design consultation today!

Woodfellas: Mankato’s Premier Tree Planting Professionals Planting a tree may seem simple, but without the right guidance, it can lead to long-term landscaping challenges. Many Mankato homeowners believe they can undertake this task independently, often leading to misjudged decisions. Woodfellas ensures your trees not only grow but flourish for generations. Serving Mankato and beyond, Woodfellas is your ultimate solution to tree planting.

Our Expertise at Your Service Embrace the expertise of Woodfellas for optimal tree and shrub planting:

  • Selecting the Perfect Species: With countless tree and shrub varieties, making an informed choice can be overwhelming. Our team assesses factors like soil quality, sunlight, drainage, and water availability, suggesting the best species tailored for your yard.
  • Pinpointing the Ideal Spot: Once the tree type is finalized, the next vital step is determining its location. A tree planted in an unfavorable spot can hinder its growth. Remember, certain areas, like near power lines, are unsuitable for tall trees. However, smaller trees that don’t outgrow the height of power lines can be an exception.
  • Impeccable Planting Techniques: Proper planting is more than just digging a hole. Factors like the right depth, optimal fertilization, and careful unboxing are crucial. Certain species demand meticulous attention during planting to ensure their long-term growth.

Embark on Your Tree Planting Journey with Woodfellas The beauty and longevity of a tree greatly depend on its initial planting. With trees being a significant investment, their planting should never be a gamble. Whether it’s a majestic Oak or a graceful Maple, every yard has its match. Let our team visit, assess, and provide you with the best recommendations based on our extensive tree-planting experience in Mankato. We handle everything – from consultation to the planting process.

Eager to transform your landscape with the right tree? Connect with Woodfellas at (507) 382-3748 today.

Exquisite Outdoor Lighting in Mankato by Woodfellas

Transform your yard into an enchanting oasis with Woodfellas’ outdoor accent lighting. From solar-powered wonders to low-voltage luminescence, we bring the most diversified range of garden lights to Mankato, ensuring every outdoor space has the chance to shine.

Solar Lights: Sustainable Brilliance Harness the sun’s power with our top-selling solar landscape lights. Not only do they provide a radiant glow, but they also ensure eco-friendliness and cost efficiency. Now, illuminate your outdoor space without worrying about your energy bills. Plus, their versatile design ensures they complement any yard and backdrop seamlessly.

LED Lights: Elegance Meets Efficiency Illuminate your evenings with the subtle charm of LED landscaping lights. Crafted to stay inconspicuous during the day, these lights transform your yard into a luminous wonderland as dusk sets in. Experience the captivating allure of LED lights, especially on a balmy Mankato summer evening.

Guidance with Glow: Expert Lighting Advice Choosing the perfect outdoor lighting can be daunting. But with Woodfellas by your side, it becomes an enlightening experience. If you’re pondering over which lighting style will enhance your yard’s aesthetics, our seasoned experts are ready to guide you. Crafting the right ambiance for Mankato homes is our specialty, and we’re here to navigate you through this illuminating journey.

For a consultation or lighting advice, connect with Woodfellas at (507) 382-3748. Together, let’s light up your outdoors, creating spaces that aren’t just seen but felt.

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Mankato Lawn Care

Our Mankato Lawn Care Services Brings out the Best in Your Yard.
If you want a great lawn or custom landscaping project, the trusted professionals at Woodfellas can help.

Your complete Mankato lawn care solution.

(507) 382-3748