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WoodFellas Roof Raking Service in Mankato, MN

Roof RakingOur Mankato, MN roof raking service by WoodFellas is an essential service for preventing roof leaks due to ice dams. Excessive snow accumulation on roofs can cause attic heat entrapment if vents get covered, leading to snow melting and the formation of ice dams. Utilizing roof rakes to remove snow is a straightforward preventative technique. Roof raking not only averts potential roof collapses from heavy snow loads but also maintains the integrity of residential and commercial properties in MN. We cater to a variety of properties, including houses, townhouses, apartment complexes, and office buildings, providing comprehensive roof solutions for properties of any size in MN.

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We advocate for complete snow removal from roofs, not just at the edges. Instances have shown that neglecting full roof raking can lead to secondary ice dam formation higher up on the roof, often undetectable until ceiling damage occurs. WoodFellas in Mankato, MN, is equipped to handle even the most challenging tasks! Our service helps prevent roof collapses and ice dams, safeguarding you from costly repairs and inconvenience. Reach out to us by text, call, or contact us today.

WoodFellas Roof Raking Service Serving all of MN, WoodFellas Roof Raking Service in Mankato extends to the entire Mankato area. We cover a wide range from Duluth to Rochester, offering diverse services for every property affected by snow and ice dam issues. As industry leaders in ice dam steaming, we prioritize each roof’s care and safety. Our roof raking technique is gentle and safe for all types of roofs. We refrain from using metal equipment and exclusively use plastic tools.

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