Landscape Design

Combining nature and culture. What a beautiful thing. Woodfellas likes to bridge the gap between landscape architecture and garden design. Our first step is getting to know our client and get a true sense of their wants and needs. We can then start offering ideas and solutions to each respective aspect.

A 3-d drawing will lay out your options to scale. From there we can modify and tweak to your liking. This whole process is done together and will result in a happy customer.

Woodfellas has a keen eye for creative designs and adding texture and focal points will not be overlooked. It is also important to keep in mind how your design will work and flow in the seasons you are not using it. We also keep in mind your view from inside your home.

Rest assure, nothing will be overlooked or taken for granted. We take pride in our work. Our artistic and creative approach is one of a kind and sets us apart from local competitors.

Architecture and Garden Design

landscape design