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overseedingWe offer overseeding to commercial and residential properties in Mankato, MN, and surrounding areas. Banish the sight of a thin, patchy lawn when Woodfellas Landscaping revitalizes your turf with top-quality grass seeds. Even vibrant lawns can sometimes appear thin and uneven. It’s disheartening, especially after investing so much effort into nurturing your lawn. However, Woodfellas Landscaping is here to help! Our overseeding service assists homeowners and business owners in Mankato and nearby regions in achieving lush, uniform lawns. We accomplish this by sowing a select blend of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue grass seeds.

You can avail of this service in the fall, ideally following our core aeration service, ensuring the seeds have an optimum environment to sprout. Post overseeding, it’s vital to maintain a dedicated watering schedule, fostering your budding grass seeds. Reach out to us today at (507) 382-3748 to pencil in our overseeding service.

What grass seeds does Woodfellas Landscaping use for overseeding?

Our dedicated team employs a prime blend of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue grass seeds for overseeding. These grass varieties flourish between temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s why these grasses are ideal:

  • Kentucky bluegrass: Recognized for robust roots that endure cold spells.
  • Tall fescue: Known for its remarkable resilience to heat and drought, ensuring your lawn remains verdant even in adverse conditions.

Incorporating these grass varieties diversifies your lawn, making it robust against environmental challenges like drought, heat, and cold.

Post overseeding, your primary task is watering.

Once we’ve overseeded, your responsibility revolves around watering the newly planted seeds. Adhering to a meticulous watering routine is pivotal for grass seed germination. If you possess an irrigation system, we can synchronize it to best cater to the grass seeds. No irrigation system? No worries! Our experts will guide you on nurturing your fresh seeds.

When is the ideal time for our overseeding service?

We offer overseeding exclusively in combination with our fall aeration service. Cool-season grasses prosper in the fall, setting an ideal stage for grass seeds to flourish. Moreover, weeds generally wane during fall, allowing the grass seeds unhindered nutrient access.

Moreover, aligning our overseeding post aeration amplifies seed-to-soil contact, providing the grass seeds with ample nutrients, water, air, and sunlight – all essential for growth!

Regularly schedule our overseeding for a consistently lush lawn.

Ready to rejuvenate your lawn?

Revamping your lawn is simple with overseeding. Whether it’s natural wear or other reasons rendering your lawn thin and patchy, Woodfellas Landscaping promises to rejuvenate it. We’ve been the trusted name for exceptional overseeding services in Mankato and neighboring areas for many years. If you’re keen to transform your lawn, contact us today at (507) 382-3748 to book our overseeding service!

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