Store Front Gardens

Are you a business owner with limited space at your entrance? Wanting to spruce up a dull patio or concreted area? Here at Woodfellas Landscaping, we have the perfect statement pieces and ideas for you. Introducing Woodfellas PODS….It starts with a portable, custom made cedar planter with your logo on it. Any size. From there, you choose ANY design (any size), and we will fabricate a steel frame and create a living plant out of it. After attaching it to your planter, we add lighting and other accessories. Boom, your living, breathing and one of a kind sculpture. We don’t stop there though, we also do living green walls. A vertical garden that is sure to please. Contact Woodfellas today and find out more about these rare services. Let’s beautify this town together!

Woodfellas PODS

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Very Courteous and Hard Working


I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Woodfellas Lawn & Landscape for the work they did in creating my patio this fall. Very courteous and hard working.

Jeff H
Mankato, MN