Shrub Sculpting & Topiary

Woodfellas approaches property with the eye of an artist. Shrub sculpting is an exclusive service only offered though us. Think of it as a statement piece. The first thing people see outside your home is your shrubs and hedge lines. Woodfellas will not leave one leaf out of place.

Razor sharp equipment and a unique eye for detail is a lethal combination. Any height, style or type is never a problem for Woodfellas. Quantity is never an issue either. If you want to walk on the wild side, we can also create shapes and ad twists to certain existing shrubs.

Make sure to also check out our Woodfellas PODS section for a custom Topiary experience. Custom craftsmanship and artistic approach and synonymous here at Woodfellas Lawn & Landscaping.

Shrub Sculpting

Shrub Sculpting

Quick & Professional! We will call again!


Thanks so much for taking care of our tree trouble so quickly! We really appreciate your help! Service was quick & professional, we will call again!